Wild animals extermination

Specialized in the capture and relocation of wild animals

Get rid of your infestation problems

Whether it is for capturing, relocating animals or for any type of work we can help you. Nova Extermination are specialized in:

  • Animal captures
  • Repairs for damage caused
  • Preventive work against their return
Racoons and other animals can be infected with rabies.

Racoons, skunks, bats, and other wild animals are often infected with dangerous diseases like rabies, and a single bite could be enough to infect you. Did you know that rabies vaccination, unlike others, is not a routine vaccination in Quebec?

It is not rare that racoons, squirrels, and others animals carry parasites like tics, fleas and aphids. This is why you better be careful and call a professional exterminator who can safely capture them.

And not only that, these animals can cause major problems to your house: they eat up the insulation, damage the soffits, gnaw at the electric wires, and so on. This is not to mention the health risks they represent to the occupants. We can do specialized works and caulking to prevent the invasion. Our work is guaranteed!

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With small squirrels come big problems

These cute animals can sneak in your house from the roof, chimney, or ventilation traps. They dig holes in the walls and roofs, move the insulation, and gnaw at the electric wires, which can cause a hostile fire.

We must never forget the fact that they are wild animals and can carry diseases and/or parasites. Their feces and urine contaminate your house and can cause severe health problems. Better keep them away!

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They caused damage?
A decontamination is imperative

Skunks and marmots hide under your houses and sheds.

Skunks, raccoons, and marmots dig holes under your garage, shed, or house to hide. For them, it is the perfect shelter: protected from the elements, warm, and sometimes with food! Good for them, but your house suffers from damage at the same time. We capture them and repair the damage!

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Bats, birds, and other wild animals

Whether they are bats, birds or raccoons, we must make sure they will not come back. But how? By relocating the animals in an appropriate area, making sure they will not be able come back, and blocking all entrances to your house. In fact, once the animals captured, we relocate them in appropriate areas, in order to make sure they will not come back to your property.

Then, we perform specialized work to avoid further problems, which includes: netting installation, ventilation traps replacement, installation of tailor made aluminum moldings, and other reparations that could be necessary to block the access to your house.

Bats Birds

Block the access!
Caulking will prevent them from returning.

We had a mouse problem. The explanations were very detailed, punctual, meticulous, a real turnkey expertise from start to finish without complication I highly recommend.

Rachid Babour Rachid Babour

I did business with Nova Extermination. The staff are courteous, the service prompt and professional. I had a small family of skunks who had taken up residence under my shed. They installed trap cages and we did everything to not separate the family! Well done for respecting animals. Thanks again ! Don’t hesitate to trust them!

Silvie Leclaire Silvie Leclaire

Really great service, from start to finish. The explanations were clear, unsurprisingly. I recommend to all, the young man who came to our house really did a meticulous job. 👌👌

Marie-Lyne Bachant Marie-Lyne Bachant

There were mice in my house, now there are no more. My wife is happy !!

Michel Côté Michel Côté


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