Extermination of wild animals and insects

Nova Extermination offers many services on the South Shore

Get off your infestation problems

Nova Extermination offers many services on the South Shore

  • Mice and rodents
  • Ants, wasps and other insects
  • Squirrels, raccoons and other animals
South shore extermination department

Do you have a house, a building, a business or an office building infested with rodents? Our extermination service on the South Shore allows you to quickly and sustainably get rid of your infestation problems. Whether it’s insects (ants, cockroaches, spiders, etc.) or pest rodents (mice, rats, field mice and squirrels), Nova Extermination kills all your pests. Our certified technicians use methods and pest control products approved by the Ministry of the Environment. Our extermination service on the South Shore is offered at an affordable price.

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Wildlife capture service

We capture and relocate small animals in the forest. These can include raccoons, skunks, bats, as well as honeycombs. These animals and insects cannot be exterminated since they are protected by a regulation of the Ministry of the Environment. We also capture birds that infiltrate your home, and then release them outside. We use gentle methods (capture cages with bait) and we try not to separate families!

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They have damaged?
Decontamination is essential

Caulking service

An extermination service on the South Shore is not complete if it does not include means to prevent a new infestation. Nova Extermination offers its customers a crack and hole caulking service.Without protecting your home, insects and small rodents can continue to enter your home or business. Indeed, a mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime several times a day. We can also inspect the items on the roof (chimney, plumbing vent, roof fan). We suggest installing protective grids if necessary. Finally, we inspect the soffits to make sure that small rodents cannot get into the attic.

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Decontamination service

After an infestation, it is strongly recommended to have your home completely decontaminated, lhousing or trade. Even if all insects are exterminated, their droppings and germs remain on your surfaces. These germs can transmit serious health problems (allergies and asthma attacks) as well as serious illnesses (hantavirus). We use products that completely disinfect your living or working place. This allows you to evolve in a healthy and clean environment. Our trained and certified technicians use techniques and products approved by the Ministry of the Environment. Our company holds all the permits, licenses and insurance necessary to perform professional and safe decontamination.

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Block the access!
Caulking will prevent them from returning.

Smoke test

A smoke test has been found to be effective in determining whether rats or mice are entering your building through your sewage system. By injecting, under pressure, non-toxic smoke into drainage systems and sewage pipes, we identify any cracks or broken pieces of pipe allowing rodents to infiltrate.

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Prevention service

Our certified and experienced technicians are able to help you explain how to prevent an infestation of insects and rodents. They can provide you with suggestions that are easy to implement. Keeping your house clean and free from food seeds, plugging up the various possible entrances, maintaining a low humidity level, are all possible solutions. You can also do a visual inspection of your home on a regular basis.
Contact Nova Extermination for an extermination service on the South Shore. Our teams of specialized technicians travel to all the cities of the South Shore of Montreal.

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Detect the entries!
A smoke test is essential


We had a mouse problem. The explanations were very detailed, punctual, meticulous, a real turnkey expertise from start to finish without complication I highly recommend.

Rachid Babour Rachid Babour

I did business with Nova Extermination. The staff are courteous, the service prompt and professional. I had a small family of skunks who had taken up residence under my shed. They installed trap cages and we did everything to not separate the family! Well done for respecting animals. Thanks again ! Don’t hesitate to trust them!

Silvie Leclaire Silvie Leclaire

Really great service, from start to finish. The explanations were clear, unsurprisingly. I recommend to all, the young man who came to our house really did a meticulous job. 👌👌

Marie-Lyne Bachant Marie-Lyne Bachant

There were mice in my house, now there are no more. My wife is happy !!

Michel Côté Michel Côté
Need fast and efficient service?