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Capture, relocation, decontamination of skunk problems.


Are you looking for a South Shore extermination company that captures skunks? Nova Extermination captures skunks and relocates them far from your home, in the forest. We offer this service at a very affordable price.

Our team has many years of experience in capturing skunks on the South Shore. We master techniques of capturing skunk gently (and without getting sprayed!). And we have the equipment (capture cages, nets, etc.) necessary to solve your problem quickly and sustainably.

General information about skunks

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Skunk biology

  • Only 1 breeding period per year: February-March
  • Number of skunk per litter: 4 to 6
  • Gestation time: 62 to 68 days
  • Baby weaning: 8 weeks
  • Skunks suitable for breeding: 7 months
  • Skunk life expectancy: 4 years

Recognizing skunk problems

  • Regular skunk odor near your home
  • Turned over patches of grass in the morning
  • Holes dug under the shed or steps

How to put an end to skunks for good

  • Capture them with the help of a cage and relocate them more than 25 kilometers away
  • Make sure you have fencing under your balcony / shed
  • Make sure you treat your lawn for white grubs (since they feed on them)
  • Do not leave table food outside (since they are omnivorous)
  • Call an exterminator as soon as possible at the first signs!

Did you know?

Skunk odor spreads over near a kilometer!

Different kinds of rodents and small wild animals can roam around your home (or business), and even make a cozy nest inside or near it. Skunks are no exception.

Skunks try to find food around private residences when the warm season arrives. Throughout the summer, they’ll be circling your home and rummaging in your trash can or in your yard or henhouse for eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and many other yummy scraps that attract them. The skunk also eats mice and other rodents (70% of its diet).

Capture de moufette

Then, they will lie down in their burrow, usually located in a ditch or sometimes under your balcony or terrace. They raise their young all summer and go into semi-hibernation in the winter season.

Skunks can damage lawns and gardens to search for grubs. She digs conical holes about 8 cm in diameter. She can also be a carrier of rabies. If one of them shows some recklessness and walks around during the day, get away from it and immediately call an exterminator for a safe and effective skunk capture.

Don’t try to capture a skunk on your own! Stay away from it and don’t approach its burrow or its babies. Let us do this potentially dangerous job. Also warn your children to keep a safe distance.

Skunk capture on the South Shore and relocation

If you want the skunk that roams around your home to be captured and relocated to the forest, contact our team of specialized technicians. We will perform the skunk capture using a capture cage or other gentle techniques (with a net, for example). We then relocate her safely, and very far from your home – if the animal does not appear to have the rabies virus.

To know more about skunks

A little more information about skunks will only be beneficial in understanding why the skunk gets lodged under your house or balcony. Nova Extermination specializes in capturing animals on the South Shore, particularly skunks. Our knowledge will therefore ensure a quick capture and this while respecting the animal.


The skunk reproduces once a year, in February or March. Usually the gestation time is 62 to 68 days giving birth to a litter of 4 to 6 skunks. Baby skunks are blind from birth, which is why we can see babies frequently during the day.

Animal kingdom

The skunk is one of the most respected animals in the animal kingdom. Indeed, instinctively other species of animals know how to recognize this stinking beast and do not want to approach it. Remember that most animals have a stronger sense of smell than humans, imagine the smell!


Skunks are passive animals, in most cases they will choose to flee rather than attack, not being the most agile animals, they use their foul throw for protection only as a last resort, Indeed, once their jet is used it can take up to 10 days to fully recharge

Our achievements

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Contact a skunk exterminator on the South Shore of Montreal for a safe animal relocation service. The technicians at Nova Extermination are used to dealing with skunks.

Our company holds all the permits, licenses and insurance necessary for the capture and relocation of raccoons.

Capture de moufette

Our techniques are in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of the Environment. In addition, we have a license from the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ: 5734-75930-01) as well as from the CNESST to carry out caulking work.

We are also protected by liability insurance.

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To obtain capture and relocation services from a skunk exterminator on the South Shore of Montreal who will quickly free you from these invading beasts.

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