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Ant eradication

Do you have an ant farm in your backyard or near your business? If an ant farm is present not far from your property, it puts you at risk of an infestation. In addition, ants can do damage to your garden. Don’t wait for several colonies to form, even in your home! Have a professional ant extermination done quickly!


Other types of extermination

Dome anthills

This type of ant hill is shaped like a mound, sometimes covered with grass. Some species can build domes up to 40 cm high. These domes are made of earth, twigs, gravel, etc.. They often take a tree trunk as a base. Sometimes, several domes can be linked together. During the cold season, the colony hibernates in depth.

Underground anthills

Pavement ants dig the galleries that make up the anthills underground. These galleries lead to numerous chambers that contain the eggs as well as the laying queen.

Anthills in trees

Some species of ants make anthills in decaying trees, stumps or damp house frames. They make their anthills by binding leaves with silk threads, which are produced by the larvae.

Did you know?

Ants have superhuman strength. Although there are several thousand kinds of ants, they can carry an average of 50 to 100 times their weight!

Ant farm extermination by a certified exterminator

Nova Extermination’s exterminator will first determine the invasive species. He will establish the number of colonies and locate the path(s) used by them. He will then use adapted extermination products that are regulated by the government, so as not to pollute the lawn and your garden as well as the birds or other insects that are useful to your garden.

Our technician will then spray effective insecticides directly on the nests and create obstacles to the movement of the ants (which can be identified by the smell). In order to eliminate a colony, the chemical can be applied directly to the nest. For an extermination of ant hills inside houses or buildings, our exterminator will spray powder or liquid insecticide in the infested area.

To save your garden and prevent ants from moving into your home in winter, it is not enough to kill a few ants. You must eliminate the queen, which is the reproductive arm of the mother colony and other satellite colonies. Baits can be placed near the ant farm so that the workers will bring them back to the queen.

Anthills: know them better

Knowing more about ants will give you the certainty if they are harmful to your home. As an ant exterminator, we recommend that you perform ant extermination as soon as possible.
Here is some additional information that will help you better understand ant hills.

Huge construction

Ants have an incredible sense for building their ant hills. One should never doubt their ability to build their home. The largest ant farm ever discovered, spread over a surface of more than 50m2 and sunk more than 8m deep. It required months of exploration by a team of researchers.


To learn more, researchers have found a way to extract the insides of ant hills from their structures. To do this, they pour molten aluminum in such a way that the metal fills all the cavities and tunnels of the ant farm. Once the aluminum has cooled, all that is required is to dig up the ant nest to remove the sculpture, thus demonstrating the complexity of ant hills.

Death of the queen

An anthill cannot live without a queen. When the queen dies, the colony is no longer renewed. Little by little, the workers that make up the colony will die, without the succession of young ants, which will make the anthill disappear. Each year, the queen lays eggs that will give future queens, who will leave the anthill to ensure the continuity of the ants by procreating new ones.

An ant farm exterminator on the South Shore of Montreal will be able to advise you and find the solution to exterminate the ant farm.

Our achievements

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If you wish to have an ant farm extermination done on the South Shore, contact our experienced team. Nova Extermination is an exterminator who holds all the necessary permits to perform an ant farm extermination. Our ant extermination techniques comply with the regulations of the Ministry of the Environment.

Nova Extermination’s specialized technicians will solve your problem quickly and permanently. We offer this affordable ant extermination service in all cities on the South Shore of Montreal. We master the techniques of ant extermination and we use insecticides approved by the Ministry of the Environment to solve the problem.
You can contact us by email or by phone at 514-MON-NOVA for an ant extermination in a home or business yard. We cover all cities on the South Shore.

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