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Mouse intrusion into your home?

Think you might need a mouse extermination service? Do you hear scratching or suspicious noises at night? You will probably need one of our mouse exterminators. For a mouse exterminator on the South Shore, contact us now!

Did you know that contact with mouse feces and urine can cause hantavirus infection, which can sometimes be fatal? Studies have shown that mice can even carry the mammary tumor virus! If you hear scratching in your walls and ceilings, or if you find small poop in your pantry, mice have invaded your house and you need to call a mouse exterminator!

Mice : general information

Mice biology

  • Number of newborns per mouse, per year: 50 mice
  • Number of mice per litter: 6 to 12
  • Gestation time: 19-21 days
  • Mice weaning: 5 weeks
  • Mice ready for breeding: 6 to 10 weeks
  • Mouse life expectancy: 2 to 3 years

Recognizing a mouse problem

  • Scratches in walls or ceilings mainly at night
  • Feces, usually the size of a grain of rice
  • Container / bag of gnawed food, mainly bread and cereals
  • Path in cellulose insulation


  • Either exterminate them using rodenticide, more commonly known as mouse poison
  • Find entry points and perform caulking work


  • Decontaminate to remove all traces of odors to ensure that no harmful spores are contaminating the ambient air in your home

When rodents break into your property, you can quickly spot the activity of mice and rats at night and see some damage in the morning:

  • Noise from walls and ceiling at night;
  • Friction and vibrations of the piping at night;
  • Discovery of damage in the morning; Etc.

Did you know?

The mouse has a litter of an average 6 offsprings, with a gestation of 20 days!

At this pace a female mouse can have nearly 50 small a year, which on their turn multiplies from the age of 6 weeks!

Mice do 40-100 excrements per day!

But where do they come from?

Mice can go through very small holes. The size of a simple 10-cent coin is enough to allow them to settle into your property. That’s why we offer caulking services to block entry points. Indeed, when we carry out our work against mice, we will in particular caulk the junction between the brick and the soffit, install a screen in the weepers, make sure that your ventilation hatches are equipped with a screen and a valve. , as well as installing custom bent aluminum moldings at the bottom of the exterior siding. Caulking is the most effective long-term way to permanently exterminate mice from your home. Get rid of those little unwanted visitors !

Call on the team of mouse extermination experts on the South Shore to deal with your intruders. Our exterminators offer you a wide range of high-end residential and commercial services to meet all your needs. With Nova Extermination, you can sleep soundly. We guarantee our mouse extermination services for up to 5 years.


A mouse infestation can cause significant damage to your home. An untreated mouse problem can cost you dearly in property damage and property damage. In addition to the risk of damage that gnawing can cause to your home’s infrastructure, there are risks related to short circuits that can be caused by biting wires in electronic devices. These risks can be the failure of your devices or even a fire in your home. In addition to the dangers of damage to your property, a mouse infestation can be very harmful to humans and animals. Small rodents can sneak around your home and infect food that you, your family, and pets could potentially eat. Disease transmission includes salmonellosis, leptospirosis and hanta virus.


Make sure that your home is a healthy space for your loved ones, avoid the stress that an infestation can cause and call our extermination experts on the south shore of Montreal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for professional and exemplary service. In addition, it should not be overlooked that a mouse infestation can present a stressful and emotionally difficult event for you and the whole family. Do not take the risk of increasing your stress as the problem can be easily resolved by our team of professionals.


Our expertise in the field of rodent extermination allows us to guarantee you superior service to our competitors. We guarantee complete extermination of pests inside your home for a period of 5 years! Don’t hesitate, call us today for a free consultation


Don’t let your reputation go to waste for a mouse problem! Nova Extermination offers its services to both the residential and commercial sectors. We understand that a rodent infestation is a potentially damaging event for your business. A reputation built over the years can be irreparably damaged by an infestation of mice. Call us today to make sure your rodent problem doesn’t destroy your business’s reputation. Nova Extermination is your benchmark for extermination on the south shore of Montreal!

 Clogging all entrances

Our team will also be able to eliminate mouse entry points to prevent another mouse infestation. Mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime! Even small slits in a worn door sill can be a pathway for mice. Caulking of holes and cracks is essential.
Our mouse exterminators have a license in good standing from the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ: 5734-75930-01) as well as from the Commission des normes, de l’énergie, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST) to perform the required work. We are also protected by full liability insurance to perform this work.

Mouse characteristics

Mice are little creatures that can make your life difficult. While seeking to keep warm, they can easily infiltrate your home through roofs, chimneys or ventilation valves. Their rapid reproduction means that you can end up with an infestation on your hands in no time!

Pour pouvoir vous débarrasser d’un problème d’infestation de souris, vous devez connaître ces rongeurs qui ont pris refuge chez vous. Voici quelques points importants :

High rate reproduction

Mice reproduce at a phenomenal rate. Babies only stay in their mother’s womb for 21 days, and a litter can hold up to 12 babies! These can reproduce in turn after only 5 weeks! A mouse infestation can therefore occur very quickly.

City and field mice

there are 2 kinds of mice. The house mouse lives in cities and has a light brown coat and large ears. The deer mouse lives in the countryside and is gray or brown, with white legs. As cold weather approaches, the deer mouse sometimes invades homes, farms and garages that are located near a field or forest.

Nocturnal life

Mice are generally active at night, while foraging around the house. They weave their way through walls, floors, and attics and attics, and make their nests there. The mice even manage to create passages in the insulating foam of the roofs!

Pay attention and if you think you have a mouse problem, give us a call. Our team of extermination experts will be happy to solve your problem once and for all! To make sure that the problem does not escalate and get out of hand, call our team who will come and assess your problem for free and put in place the best extermination strategy available on the south shore of Montreal.

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Nova Extermination is a certified and experienced mouse exterminator, who holds all permits and licenses necessary for the extermination of mice. Our techniques and products comply with the regulations of the Ministry of the Environment.

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To have the services of an effective mouse exterminator, it is better to call nova extermination when rodents have entered your home!

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