Treatment against insects

To eliminate spiders and ants around your home

Exterior treatment services (exterior watering against insects / spiders)

Are you looking for an exterminator on the South Shore to carry out a treatment against insects such as spiders, ants and other insects? Nova Extermination offers insecticide spraying (sprinkling) services on the exterior siding of homes, businesses and institutional buildings. This exterior treatment will help prevent infestations and keep insects away from your home. To kill ants in the garden, we can also spray insecticide in and around targeted areas of the garden.

Spraying insecticide on the exterior coating

Ants, spiders and other insects sneak through small holes and cracks at the bottom walls, window frames and undersides of doors with poorly sealed cracks, through the hole in the telephone wire, through the holes in your heaters, foundation cracks and rotten wood.

Nova Extermination carries out insecticide spraying (sprinkling) on ​​the perimeter of houses and businesses (below) as well as in certain targeted areas. This will ensure you have an insect-free building all summer, but also all winter in your home. It is recommended that you have an insect treatment done in early spring and then in the fall, as insects tend to want to enter homes when it gets cooler. And since the product is not resistant to freezing temperatures, it is necessary to carry out the treatment against the insects every year.

The insecticide products we use are certified and registered. They meet current government standards. These products are not toxic to humans or your pets. In addition, we target the places to spray.

Did you know?

Some spiders in Quebec can give birth to more than 500 spiders each summer, a number that is indeed exponential!

Treatment against spiders

Spiders are very often found on decks, fences, siding and around windows and doors. And even if we remove the webs, the spiders remake them each time. These insects reproduce quickly and you have to constantly hunt or kill them one by one, which becomes a constant task.

With a treatment against spiders in early spring, you will be freed from them and their webs for the beautiful sunny months! Sprinkling pesticides on targeted areas will keep your house clean and free of spiders and critters of all kinds!


If you have an anthill in your garden or on your land, our team can spray an effective insecticide to quickly exterminate the colony. This treatment for killing ants in the garden or on your property will not affect the garden itself or the grass around the ant colony site.

If you have an anthill on your property, be aware that ants will try by all means to get inside homes and businesses when the cool weather arrives (late fall). They’ll create satellite nests everywhere: between walls, in the attic, under floors, etc. Carpenter ants are the most devastating to the load-bearing structure of your home, as they eat away at damp wood beams. You should then spray the perimeter of your house (at the bottom) with a pesticide to prevent them from entering.


Before spraying of pesticides around the perimeter of your home or business, our exterminators will offer you to caulk any holes and cracks that could allow insects to enter your home or business (even a mouse can squeeze into such a small hole. than a 10 cent!). The most effective way to prevent an infiltration of insects or mice in your home or business is to make sure that they can no longer sneak in.

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Contact Nova Extermination now for more information on our insect control services as well as our other pest infiltration prevention methods. Our team offers an insecticide spraying service in residential, commercial or institutional settings.

Nova Extermination serves all the cities of the South Shore to carry out a treatment against insects, whether it is a treatment to kill ants in the garden or to prevent them from entering the house, a treatment against spiders or any other. insect treatment. You can reach the Nova Extermination team at 1-844-880-6682 or 514-MON-NOVA for insect infiltration prevention services to prevent an infestation.

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Pour un service rapide pour faire un traitement extérieur contre les araignées autour de votre maison , Nova Extermination pourra vous aider!

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