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Smoke test following rodent infiltration: detect the entries!

Did you know that rats usually infiltrate homes and businesses as a result of degradation or breakage in sewer lines? Indeed, since sewers are places where rats like to settle, it is not uncommon to see them go through a crack in the pipe to sneak into your home or business.

Detect rodents entry with a rat smoke test

To determine if rats or mice are entering your home (or business) through the pipes of your sewage system (cracks, holes, broken joints, branch or pipe), a rat smoke test is a fast and very efficient

Nova Extermination technicians will inject smoke under pressure into the drainage systems and sewer lines to find the fault. It is then possible to tell if a broken piece of pipe or a crack is allowing rats to infiltrate. This process (rat smoke test) can also detect water leaks and gas infiltration.

The smoke is neither dangerous nor toxic to humans, animals and plants. It leaves no residue or stains. The smoke has a peculiar smell to make it easier to detect, but this smell only lasts a few minutes.

Did you know?

Our smoke test procedure

Our rat smoke test consists of 5 steps:
1. We block the plumbing vent on the roof.
2. We fill all acceble drains with water.
3. We propel the smoke through the plumbing pipes under pressure for about 15 minutes.
4. We inspect to determine if the smoke is coming out through holes or cracks.
5. We unblock the roof vent to let the smoke escape.


After identifying the cracks through which rats sneak their way to your home, we make sure they are sealed properly so they don’t come back anytime soon. Our caulking solutions are particularly effective in solving your rat infestation problem permanently.


The rat smoke test is the first step in an extermination to fix your rat problem permanently. Among others, the rat smoke test:

  • Detects even the smallest cracks
  • Does not require unnecessary and expensive work
  • Offers reliable and precise diagnosis
  • The rat smoke test is a simple and ingenious process that is very effective in identifying the root cause of the presence of rats in your home or business.



Our South Shore extermination company can perform a rat smoke test as well as capture rats that have infiltrated your home or business, at a very affordable price. Our products and methods (trap cages, traps, poison) meet the standards of the Ministry of the Environment. Our work is guaranteed for 5 years.

Our team has many years of experience in rat smoke testing and rat extermination on the South Shore. We use the necessary equipment for the complete and lasting rat control of your home or business.

Even if you have only seen one rat, be aware that this one can reproduce very quickly and it is best to exterminate it quickly and locate the others. If there is one, there are several!

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Contact our team of specialized technicians without delay at 1-844-880-6682, or the emergency service 514-MON-NOVA. Nova Extermination is a certified rodent exterminator, who holds all permits, licenses and insurance necessary for the capture and extermination of rats.

We cover all the cities of the South Shore and we move quickly for a rat smoke test and emergency rat extermination.

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