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Silverfish intrusion in your house?

Are you looking for a silverfish exterminator to perform an intervention following an invasion at your home? Nova Extermination’s specialized technicians can help you deal with the invasion of silver fish that causes you a problem

Our trained and certified exterminators have many years of experience in treating and exterminating a silverfish problem on the South Shore. We are proficient in the techniques to examine this situation and have the necessary equipment to solve your problem quickly and sustainably.

Silverfish: general information

What is a silverfish ?

Silverfish – also called bristletail – is an insect with silver scales that lives at night. It does not transmit diseases, but it eats sugar, starch, paper and glue. Nova Extermination offers a silverfish pest control service to help you get rid of them as quickly as possible.
The silverfish or bristletail (lepisma saccharina) is a small creeping gray insect that measures about 1 cm. It has long thin antennae and its body is covered with tiny silver scales, hence its name.

What does it feed on?

Silverfish have a clear preference for dry foods, such as sugar or starch. However, it also feeds on wallpaper, leather, dirty clothes, and glue.

What is its reproduction cycle?

This insect reproduces very quickly. Females can lay up to 20 eggs per day. Their larvae reach the adult stage in 3 to 4 months. A couple of silverfish can therefore cause a rapid infestation within a few weeks.

Did you know?

Silver fish do not just feed on human food. Indeed, they can run a blatant household in your home! They feed on dust, hair left on the floor, mold, dust mites and almost everything on your walls and floor

On the other hand, the silverfish is not dangerous for humans. It does not sting, it does not bite, it does not cause any allergic reaction and it does not transmit any disease!

Apart from the excrement, their presence is relatively hygienic. You would have to ingest a large number of them to be really threatened.

How to get rid of silverfish

There are several ways to get rid of silverfish. First remove access to food by locking it in airtight containers. Then vacuum all surfaces, including door and window sills. Also control the humidity level by sealing pipes and making sure your rooms are well ventilated.

If all of these methods have been insufficient for disinsecting silverfish, another solution is to resort to traps and insecticides. However, this procedure must be performed by a professional to ensure that it is done safely.

Place silverfish disinsectization traps

It is possible to place traps; a piece of potato placed on an open plastic bag. Silverfish can be trapped there overnight. All you have to do is close the bag and bring it outside to release the bugs.
Other traps can poison the insects with sachets of boric acid. However, these should not be accessible to children and pets.

Use repellents

Some repellents like camphor or insect oil made from neem extract are effective in repelling silverfish. You can easily find it at the pharmacy.

Using insecticides for disinsectizing silverfish

There are no insecticides specifically designed for silverfish. However, any insecticide against crawling insects can be sufficient to exterminate them.
You can also sprinkle diatomaceous earth along baseboards behind appliances and under furniture. This product is made up of microscopic algae that damage the shells of silverfish. The latter becomes dehydrated and eventually dies.

Call a South Shore exterminator to perform a complete extermination of silverfish at your home.

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To exterminate silverfish efficiently and safely, it is strongly recommended that you call in a professional. Since its inception, Nova Extermination has specialized in the extermination of insects, rodents and animals.

If you need to disinsect silverfish, contact us now. We will gladly answer all your questions to offer you the service that meets your expectations.

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