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Are you looking for a cockroach exterminator on the South Shore?
Nova Extermination’s specialist technicians know how to permanently eliminate cockroaches. We offer this affordable cockroach extermination service in all cities of the South Shore of Montreal.

Our trained and certified exterminators have many years of experience exterminating cockroaches. Whether they are in a house, building or business, we have mastered the techniques to exterminate them quickly. For this, we use recommended extermination products, which allow you to permanently solve your problem.

Cockroaches : general information

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Cockroach biology

  • Color: Brown or black
  • Length: They measure between 12 to 50 mm, to which we must add the antennas which are often as long as their bodies
  • Body: The head points downwards and their body is flattened and oval. They have 3 regions; the head, the thorax and the abdomen
  • Lifespan: up to 1 year
  • Egg laying: The female can lay up to 150 eggs during her life

How to prevent the entry of cockroaches?

  • Regularly clean dark and damp areas such as under the oven, under the refrigerator and any other area near a food source
  • Do not keep boxes or bags from the grocery store
  • Do not leave food or dirty dishes in the open air
  • Keep your food in airtight containers
  • Change your garbage regularly
  • Avoid humidity in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom
  • Avoid leaving food scraps on the floor

How to get rid permanently of roaches

Of course, a fresh, healthy interior that is cleaned daily is less likely to attract cockroaches. However, no one is safe from cockroaches despite daily cleaning. In fact, when working nearby, cockroaches take refuge elsewhere, during heat waves, infested neighbors or when you return from a trip with eggs in your luggage.

No over-the-counter insecticide or repellent works for cockroaches.

Call an exterminator at the first sign of cockroaches

Did you know?

Cockroaches can live 1 month without feeding!

As a defense technique, cockroaches roll over on their backs to simulate their death. They can also roll over if they feel their end is near. Their eyes are located on their backs, so when they are turned over they cannot see the light and it is more soothing for them to die with this technique.

Extermination methods for cockroaches

To permanently exterminate cockroaches, appropriate techniques and pesticides must be used. In buildings, it is recommended that all dwellings be inspected when cockroaches are found in any of them. Treating each unit with different chemicals could be hazardous to your health. The landlord must therefore manage the problem as a whole. It is also imperative to perform a complete decontamination after the extermination of cockroaches, as in restaurants and hotels.

Nova Extermination is a cockroach exterminator that holds all the necessary permits to perform the extermination. Our cockroach extermination techniques comply with the regulations of the Ministry of the Environment.


After a cockroach extermination, it is recommended that you caulk any potential entry points through which cockroaches might return. These could be cracks, holes around windows, doors and baseboards. We take a tour of your house, apartment or business and we inspect all potentially risky places. We will then caulk them.

Nova Extermination cockroach exterminators have a valid license from the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ: 5734-75930-01). Our team is also licensed from the Commission for Standards, Equity, Occupational Health and Safety. This CNESST license allows you to perform the required caulking work. We are also protected by full liability insurance to perform this work.

After caulking, it is strongly recommended to decontaminate your surfaces. As a pest decontamination company, we know that it is essential to carry out a complete decontamination of your home after a cockroach extermination. Indeed, even if all insects are exterminated, their droppings and germs remain on your surfaces. These germs can transmit serious health problems (allergies and asthma attacks).

As an experienced cockroach exterminator, Nova Extermination has the tools necessary to safely decontaminate. We are able to decontaminate all the rooms in your building, including the less accessible places. Our trained and certified technicians use techniques and products approved by the Ministry of the Environment. Our company holds all the permits, licenses and insurance necessary to perform professional decontamination.

Cockroaches : know them better

Cockroaches are very invasive and harmful to your health. It is extremely important to make sure that you do everything possible to avoid an infestation in your home.
Here is some information that will help you take all the necessary precautions before they appear, and what to do if you have discovered these unfriendly visitors.

Reproduction in cockroaches:

During its lifetime, the cockroach can make up to 7 egg sacs, each of which has about 40 eggs. The first egg sac is laid by the female between 7 and 14 days after fertilization. Therefore, only a few individuals are needed to create a huge population. During the fertilization of her eggs, the female reduces her activity to a minimum. In just one year, a cockroach can lay about 280 eggs, and these babies will lay the same number in turn.

How do they survive in the home?

Cockroaches can eat anything and everything. In fact, they can ingest all kinds of food AND materials such as
Cigarette butts,
Food for humans and animals.

Being able to survive 1 month without food is the least of their worries.

They take refuge in warm AND humid places. They usually hide in
Near sewage pipes
Gardens and greenhouses
In sidewalks

Why do they come into our homes?

Cockroaches are basically insects that live in the wild. In Quebec, our temperatures are not favorable for the continuation of their species since they do not survive the cold weather in Quebec. They are constantly looking for a place where there is warmth and humidity, which our homes can offer them. They are able to survive inside a home because it is very easy to find food. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects, so it can be difficult to see them since they are very active at night, or rather, when it is dark.

The export and import of goods has allowed these insects to proliferate worldwide very easily, since their eggs can be laid on any surface.

Are they really harmful?

In their natural state, i.e. in the wild, cockroaches have an important role. Indeed, they have the particularity of being able to decompose waste. They don’t make a distinction between what they eat, i.e. organic remains, animal corpses or other insects.

However, in our homes, they represent a real health hazard. They carry a number of dangerous germs such as :

Cockroaches soil your environment and impregnate a foul odor with their excrement and their very noxious salivary liquid.

They can also damage electrical circuits, which can cause outages in a computer network.

How to detect cockroaches in your home?

It can sometimes be difficult to see them because they are active when it is dark. However, they do leave traces.

Traces of feces or droppings
Your food containers seem to have been affected
A foul odor in your home
Remains of egg sacs (oothecae)
Black marks on walls and floors

Call an exterminator at the first sign of an infestation !

An exterminator must know their way of life adequately in order to better exterminate them permanently.

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