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Exterminator for the capture and relocation of raccoons

The biology of the raccoon

Raccoons have entered your attic or are going through your trash cans every evening? Don’t wait too long before contacting a raccoon exterminator on the South Shore of Montreal. Although raccoons may look cute, they are wild animals that can carry diseases such as rabies and mange. Some municipalities are even under close surveillance when it comes to raccoon rabies).

These rodents are also carriers of fleas, lice and ticks. If you see one or more raccoons roaming around your home, do not approach them or let your children approach them: if these rodents feel in danger, they could bite, scratch and cause infections.

Raccoon general information

Raccoon biology

  • Reproduction period : January-February
  • Gestation time: 63 to 65 days
  • Birth of babies: April-May
  • Number of babies per litter: 4 to 8
  • Baby weaning: 8 weeks
  • Raccoon life expectancy: 7 years

Recognizing a raccoon problem

  • Scratching, screaming or movement in the attic mainly at night
  • Noises in the fireplace or in the walls
  • Shredded insulation wool in the attic
  • Broken soffit, damaged shingles
  • Path in cellulose insulation
  • Excrement the size of a medium dog

Getting rid for good of racoons

Capture them with cages or specialized capture tools

  • Find entry points and carry out raccoons extraction work
  • Decontaminate to remove all traces of odors so as not to attract other raccoons as well as to ensure that no harmful spores contaminate the ambient air in your home.

Did you know ?

An agile climber, the raccoon is not afraid of falls because its body can withstand a fall of about fifteen meters without hurting itself!

Nova Extermination is a raccoon exterminator on the South Shore of Montreal that captures and relocates them in the forest, far from your home. Québec’s Government is strict about this: exterminators cannot eliminate raccoons on the South Shore of Montreal. They must be relocated to their natural environment.


Our methods respect the standards in force. As a raccoon exterminator on the South Shore of Montreal who has many years of experience in the field, we will first identify the traffic route or the location of the raccoon nest, and set up cages with bait to lure and catch all of the intruder’s. We will then relocate the whole family together in the forest, far from homes and the city. We can also assess the damage that raccoons have caused to your insulation and your materials and thus carry out decontamination. We can carry out work to prevent other raccoons from invading your home (caulking, blocking entryways by soffits, etc.).

Get to know raccoons better

Learning more about raccoons will give you a better understanding of how it’s presence can be dangerous to your health, and how it can cause serious damage to your home. As a raccoon exterminator on the South Shore of Montreal, we know that it is better to capture raccoons and relocate them in the forest. Here is some information on this very common rodent in our province:


Raccoons are nocturnal mammals. They most often live in the forest but can also adapt to city life, where they find plenty to eat in residential or restaurant bins. They seek to make a nest in the heat, usually in attics, fireplaces or garages and barns. They know how to climb in height (by clinging to walls and gutters), dig holes to enter the attic by tearing materials (insulation and others), and damage walls with their claws. They also leave a strong smell of urine and bowel movements.


Raccoons eat insects, invertebrates, and small mammals, but they also like eggs, vegetables, fruits, and roots. It can therefore ravage your garden and loot your henhouse. He also eats any leftover food left in the trash, whatever it is!


Raccoon reproduces once a year and usually has a litter of 4 to 8 babies. He lives between 3 and 5 years. It can weigh up to 10 kilos and measure 70 cm on average, including the tail. This one is striped, while its eyes are circled in black. These characteristic attributes quickly point it out.

A raccoon exterminator on the South Shore of Montreal must know their habits to better capture them and advise you how to avoid their return.

Other types of extermination

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Contact a raccoon exterminator on the South Shore of Montreal who will not kill them, but who will relocate them to a safe place in their natural environment. Trust our experienced team.

Our company holds all the permits, licenses and insurance necessary for the capture and relocation of raccoons.

Our techniques are in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of the Environment. In addition, we have a license from the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ: 5734-75930-01) as well as from the CNESST to carry out caulking work.

We are also protected by liability insurance.

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To benefit from the services of a raccoon exterminator on the South Shore of Montreal who will quickly free you from these invasive animals.

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