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Rat extermination

Are you looking for a rat extermination company on the South Shore? Nova Extermination captures rats in a variety of ways and exterminates them at a very affordable price, according to Ministry of the Environment standards. Our work is guaranteed for 5 years.

Our team has many years of experience in extermination of rats on the South Shore. We master the techniques to spot and capture rats (smoke test, trap cages, traps, poison, etc.) and we have the necessary equipment for the complete and lasting rat control of your home or business.

Rats : general information

Rat biology

  • Number of breeding periods per year: 4-6
  • Number of rats per litter: 6 to 8
  • Gestation time: 3 weeks
  • Baby weaning: 4 weeks
  • Rat ready for breeding: 12 weeks
  • Rat life expectancy: 1 to 2 years

Recognizing rat problems

  • Scratches in the floor, walls or ceilings in the basement
  • Usually noise at night
  • Droppings the size of a bin
  • Food eaten, electrical wires eaten away
  • Bottom of door or gnawed walls

How to get rid of rats for good:

  • Capture them with mechanical hatches
  • Avoid poison so as not to create bad odors
  • Perform a smoke test to make sure the plumbing is waterproof
  • Walk around the building to locate possible entry points and repair them
  • Decontaminate to remove all traces of odors so as not to attract other rats and to ensure that no harmful spores are contaminating the ambient air in your home

Did you know?

In speculation, a couple of rats could give birth to offspring of 5,000 rats in ONE year!

The urban legend that a rat can come through the toilet is TRUE!

Find the cause and prevent any return of rats


To determine if rats are entering your home (or business) through a break or crack in the pipes of your sewer system (through where they usually enter buildings), a smoke test is a quick and very effective solution. .

Nova Extermination technicians will inject, under pressure, smoke into the drainage systems and sewer lines in order to find the failure (large crack or break). It is then possible to tell if a piece of pipe is broken or if a crack is allowing rats to infiltrate.

Smoke breakage or crack detection tests make it possible to:

  • Detect even the smallest cracks or breaks
  • May avoid exorbitant costs for excavation work
  • Carry out a reliable and highly precise diagnosis

This efficient process allows you to quickly identify if a broken sewer line is the main cause of rats in your home or business.


The first step in making your home rodent-proof is to eliminate entry points. Rats can fit through a hole the size of a 25-cent coin! Even small slits in a worn door sill can be a pathway for rats.

To keep rats out, caulking holes and cracks is essential. Our team has a license in good standing from the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ: 5734-75930-01) as well as the Commission des normes, de l’énergie, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST) to perform the work required. We are also protected by full liability insurance to perform this work.

We can, if desired:

  • Fill cracks in foundations, holes or cracks, as well as the outer edges of windows.
  • Cover the ventilation ducts of the dryer, the vents in the attic and the contours of the roof with very fine metal mesh.

Rats : know them better

Rats have remarkable abilities compared to other types of rodents. They have a different way of life which can be scary! They know how to get in through exits as small as 25 cents. It is therefore essential to be properly informed about their interests to better avoid a population of rats in your home!

Here is some additional information that demonstrates the attractions of the rat:


A rat is omnivorous, it has no difficulty in eating no matter what it finds and this, depending on its current habitat. He prefers animal matter to vegetable matter. Depending on where it lives, the rat can also ingest some household and food waste. It consumes an average of 10% of its weight every day. Before gorging himself on an unknown food, he will test it. Knowing here that he can also eat materials, really, all kinds of various materials .. Such as paper, wood, metals and even electrical wiring!

Natural environment

Rats have a predilection for humid environments. They are found abundantly in towns and rural areas. During the summer, some rats will move away to the fields, so food is more easily found. On the other hand, all the rats return to shelter in buildings in the city for the winter. Rats usually dig burrows in the basements of buildings, near foundations and frequent sewers. Their nests are always very safe since there are a multitude of paths and emergency exits already dug all around.

Sensory perceptions

Smell in rats is the predominant sense. They recognize each other by their scents, they find their nests and their paths also by the smell of their own urine. Besides smell, hearing is essential for rats. They communicate with each other by ultrasound, low-pitched sounds calm them down while high-pitched sounds hold their attention more. The rat’s balance organ is highly developed and is located in its inner ear.

The rat has very poor eyesight. He then compensates with smell, hearing, but also with his body. Its very long vibrissae and its tail allow the rat to identify with their spaces and to sense obstacles. Red-eyed rats have even lower eyesight than black-eyed rats.

We can therefore conclude that rats are very invasive, it is necessary to call an exterminator very quickly.

Our achievements

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If you are facing a rat infestation in your home or business on the South Shore, have a rat extermination performed by a professional rat exterminator. Even if you have only seen one rat, be aware that this one can reproduce very quickly and it is best to exterminate it quickly and locate the others. If there is one, there are several!

Contact our team of specialized technicians without delay at 514-MON-NOVA or 1-844-880-6682. Nova Extermination is a certified rat exterminator, which holds all permits, licenses and insurance necessary for the capture and extermination of rats. Our techniques comply with the regulations of the Ministry of the Environment.

Contact us with confidence if you need the services of a rat exterminator on the South Shore. We cover all the cities of the South Shore and we move quickly for an emergency rat extermination.

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