Pest invasion prevention

Prevention instead of extermination is often the ideal.

Effective means to prevent the infiltration of pests

Did you know that it is possible to effectively prevent pest infiltration? After performing an extermination and decontamination in your home or business, Nova Extermination will use infallible prevention methods that will keep insects, rodents and small animals off your property!

The most effective method of preventing pest infiltration is to make sure that pests can no longer sneak into your home or business. Our methods then consist of blocking or plugging the possible entrances.

Where do insects, rodents and small animals come from?

Ants, spiders and other insects sneak through small holes and cracks in poorly sealed window and door frames, through the hole in the telephone wire, through the holes in your heaters, through foundation cracks, as well as by rotten wood (in which carpenter ants dig tunnels).

The junction between the roof and the exterior wall of the house is where rodents most often enter. Indeed, sometimes a hollow forms there, and mice just have to climb on the brick to get there quite easily. A mouse can enter a hole as small as a dime, while a rat can enter a hole the size of a 25 cent.

Small animals can also enter the house through the chimney or through ventilation flaps. And what about the birds that make their nests right in your kitchen hood! Soffits are also places that need special attention, since small animals (raccoons, bats, squirrels, etc.) sneak up on them to make their way into your attic.

Did you know?

Mice and field mice can climb on anything that is porous; brick and wood will help them get into your home by climbing on them.

Our deterrence methods

It is very difficult to get rid of rodents in your home or business if the source of infiltration is not blocked or caulked. Our caulking service is an effective solution to preventing pest infiltration.

Our technicians will take the time necessary to inspect the corners of your home and identify possible entry points. They can then caulk holes and cracks in walls and doorways, as well as seal cracks in the concrete of your foundations. They can also put screens on the hole in the chimney, replace the ventilation valves and caulk the perimeter of all the roof elements (ventilator, kitchen hatch, skylight, etc.).

If you realize that you have an anthill in your backyard, it is imperative to carry out an extermination before the ants attempt to enter your home (usually in late fall). Our technicians can also spray an insecticide on the outside perimeter of your house to keep insects at bay. This is also part of preventing pest infiltration.

Our achievements

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Contact us for more information on our pest infiltration prevention services. Nova Extermination is licensed by the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ: 5734-75930-01) as well as the Commission des normes, de l’énergie, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail to carry out the caulking and other work needed.

You can reach the Nova Extermination team at 1-844-880-6682 or 514-MON-NOVA for pest infiltration prevention services, in order to prevent a future infestation.

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Whether it is for capture, extermination or prevention by caulking your building against the infiltration of mice and bats, Nova Extermination can help you.

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