Pavement ants extermination

Pavement ants extermination, indoor or outdoor

Infestation of pavement ants in your home ?

Have pavement ants invaded your home or business? These insects reproduce at a very high speed. This is why you must have a professional pavement ant extermination carried out quickly, before several nests form!

Pavement ants : general information

Pavement ant biology

  • Life expectancy : The queen can reach 15 years while the workers about 5 years
  • Length : between 3 to 8 mm
  • Color : Dark brown
  • Reproduction : The queen lays from 5 to 40 eggs per day
  • Predators : birds, spiders, scutigers, wasps

Recognizing a pavement ant problem

  • Sand mounds on pavement, grass and asphalt
  • Movement of ants inside and outside
  • Ants in your remaining tables, garbage cans and kitchen

How to manage with a pavement ant problem ?

  • Avoid leaving food easily accessible
  • Caulk doors and windows
  • Clear the area around the house (vines, plants, grass, tree branches)
  • Put polymer sand between the cracks of pavement
  • Do not leave rotting wood around your house
  • Avoid leaving damp areas in your home
  • Exterminate the problem as soon as possible before the infestation

Did you know?

In some countries, where medicine is less developed, they can use army ants to close their wounds. Indeed, this species of ants has a particularity, they let go very hardly a hold after a bite. Putting the ants on their wounds to make a stitch-like remedy will help to close the wound.

Methods used for pavement ant extermination

When ants are seen inside your home or business, it is important to detect the location of the nest. To get rid of pavement ants on a long-term basis, the queen, which is the colony’s breeder, must be eliminated. Many baits can be placed on the floors of the house, which the ants will bring back to the other workers as well as to the queen. You can also spread an insecticide on the surfaces at risk.

Nova Extermination’s specialized technicians will solve your problem quickly and durably. We offer this affordable pavement ant extermination service in all cities of the South Shore of Montreal. We have mastered the techniques to exterminate pavement ants, and we use insecticides approved by the Ministry of the Environment to deal with the problem


Once our pavement ant extermination is complete, we must then plug the entry points through which other ants might enter: holes and cracks around doors, windows and floors; foundation cracks; telephone cables, etc.). Nova extermination technicians can, if you wish, do this patching for you.

Our company has a license in good standing from the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ: 5734-75930-01) as well as the Commission des normes, de l’énergie, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST) to carry out the necessary patching work. We are also protected by full liability insurance to perform this work.

Pavement ant information

Knowing more about pavement ants will allow you to identify and treat your problem more easily. This will allow you to act with full knowledge of the pavement ant infestation that is occurring in your home.

Here is some information about them:


Black or reddish brown in color, the pavement ant measures between 2.5 to 4 mm, with the exception of the queen which is twice as large. It has grooves on the head as well as on the front of the body.


The queen produces up to 20 eggs per day and a colony can grow up to 5,000 ants.


Pavement ants can be found between cracks in sidewalks and in cracks in asphalt, as well as in rock, dirt or sand. She throws up fine sand when she digs her nest. When the temperature gets colder, settlements take refuge inside heated houses and buildings to find warmth and food. We often find ants in a crack in the concrete of the cellar or garage. These prefer humid places. When it comes to food, pavement ants like sweet or fatty foods, which is why they invade kitchens before returning to their nests.

Use our pavement ant extermination services as quickly as possible to avoid an infestation!

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If you wish to have the pavement ants present in your house, apartment building, business or professional building on the South Shore carried out, contact our experienced team. Nova Extermination is an exterminator who holds all the necessary permits to perform an extermination of pavement ants. Our pavement ant extermination techniques comply with the regulations of the Ministry of the Environment.

You can contact us by email or by phone at 514-MON-NOVA for an extermination of pavement ants in your home or business. We serve all the cities of the South Shore of Montreal.

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