Insects extermination

Get rid of your infestation problems

Bedbugs, ants, and bees: a real plague

Ants, bees, and spiders sneak into every corner, kitchen cupboards, and even into your food. Some of them can cause diseases and skin infections; some others bite you in your sleep. They sometimes even cause significant damage to a building structure!

If your house is infested by carpenter ants, bedbugs, or any other insects, call a professional exterminator. That kind of issue must not be taken lightly, and only a professional can efficiently get you rid of them.

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Rats extermination

The presence of rats in your house is generally due to a break in the sewer line: This is their favorite place! It is not surprising that they often carry severe diseases.

Not only rats can carry severe diseases like rabies, they can also carry parasite like fleas and aphids. Their feces can also release harmful particles in the air, which can cause diseases, breathing conditions, and many other health problems.

There are efficient extermination solutions to eradicate them, and the smoke test is the first step to definitely get rid of the problem.

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They caused damage?
A decontamination is imperative

Address your carpenter ants issue

We use safe and efficient products not only to eradicate insects from your property, but also to make sure they will not come back. After having exterminated the insects and decontaminated your place, we caulk cracks and openings so nothing will be able to come back in.

If you think you might have carpenter ants, bedbugs, bees or any other unwanted insects in your house, contact us now! The faster you act the better.

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We had a mouse problem. The explanations were very detailed, punctual, meticulous, a real turnkey expertise from start to finish without complication I highly recommend.

Rachid Babour Rachid Babour

I did business with Nova Extermination. The staff are courteous, the service prompt and professional. I had a small family of skunks who had taken up residence under my shed. They installed trap cages and we did everything to not separate the family! Well done for respecting animals. Thanks again ! Don’t hesitate to trust them!

Silvie Leclaire Silvie Leclaire

Really great service, from start to finish. The explanations were clear, unsurprisingly. I recommend to all, the young man who came to our house really did a meticulous job. 👌👌

Marie-Lyne Bachant Marie-Lyne Bachant

There were mice in my house, now there are no more. My wife is happy !!

Michel Côté Michel Côté


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