Caulking houses against mice or insects

To caulk, seal your home against mice

Caulking service following rodent infiltration

Did you know that a mouse can fit in a hole as small as a dime, while a rat can fit in a hole the size of a 25 cent? Very small, isn’t it? And above all, not very easy to spot. The solution ? Caulk Mouse! It is difficult to get rid of a rodent if the source of infiltration is not blocked or clogged. Our caulking service is a complete solution to permanently solving your infestation problem.

The junction between the roof and the exterior wall of the house is where unwanted visitors most often enter. Indeed, sometimes a hollow forms there, and mice just have to climb on the brick to get there quite easily. They also manage to enter the house through the chimney or ventilation valves. And what about the birds that make their nests right in your kitchen hood! Door sills and roofs are also places where attention should be paid.

Stop a mouse infestation in a home or business

It is difficult to get rid of a rodent if the source of infiltration is not blocked or clogged. Our mouse or rat hole caulking service is a complete solution to permanently solve your infestation problem.

Once these flaws have been spotted and the unwanted ones exterminated, it is time to proceed with the caulking. However, we suggest that you repair an opening as soon as you spot it as a preventive measure. Repair faults and openings before it’s too late. A simple little hole could get you into a lot of trouble! At Nova Extermination, we have the solutions you need to seal the loopholes, and fix your infestation problem once and for all.

Did you know?

Mice leave scents so that other mice know where to find them. This is why an infestation problem will return, even if the mice are exterminated. That’s why finding and blocking entry points is important!

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Contact Nova Extermination at 1-844-880-6682 or 514-MON-NOVA for emergency service. Our company will send you a qualified exterminator on the South Shore and will perform a mouse hole caulking service to prevent or stop a future infestation.

For extermination and caulking in Longueuil, caulking in Montreal or caulking on the South Shore (all cities), Nova Extermination comes quickly to your location.

Nova Extermination is a certified and experienced exterminator who holds all the necessary permits and licenses for the extermination of mice and rats. Our techniques and products comply with the regulations of the Ministry of the Environment.

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To seal, caulk and block all the holes and access points that mice, rats and other rodents use to infiltrate your home, call Nova Extermination.

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