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Whether it’s for a mouse scratching in the ceiling, mice in the attic and or rat droppings found in your kitchen. We know how important it is to deal with the problem quickly and efficiently. This is why we are acting quickly!

  • Making appointments
  • Inspection and evaluation of the problem
  • Treatment and follow-up for an effective extermination

It’s simple, whatever your problems, we find the solution. Period.

Rodent control

If a rodent infiltrates your home or business, you need to act very quickly. It’s primordial! Rodents are particularly difficult to control, and they pose a serious threat to your health and safety.

At Nova Extermination, we have the solutions for the extermination of mice, rats and other unwanted animals.

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Extermination of rats

The presence of rats in the house is usually related to a break in the sewer. It’s one of their favorite places! No wonder they are the vectors of very serious problems.

In addition to carrying serious diseases like rabies, rats can carry parasites like fleas and aphids. Their feces also release harmful particles into the air, which can cause illness and breathing difficulties, as well as many other problems.

There are effective extermination solutions to eradicate them, and the smoke test is the first step to fixing the problem permanently.

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They have damaged?
Decontamination is necessary. This step is unfortunately often neglected in pest management.

Extermination of mice

Mice love our homes because they find food, water and heat all in one. The perfect place to settle down … with the family! Indeed, a single mouse can carry up to 10 baby mice, which in turn will reproduce 5 weeks later.
In addition to scratching walls and ceilings, mice damage insulation and gnaw on electrical wires, increasing the risk of fire. In addition, the parasites they carry and their droppings can cause many health problems for the occupants of your home.

At Nova Extermination, we help you get rid of mice through extermination, caulking and decontamination.

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Block entries
Caulking will keep them from coming back

We had a mouse problem. The explanations were very detailed, punctual, meticulous, a real turnkey expertise from start to finish without complication I highly recommend.

Rachid Babour Rachid Babour

I did business with Nova Extermination. The staff are courteous, the service prompt and professional. I had a small family of skunks who had taken up residence under my shed. They installed trap cages and we did everything to not separate the family! Well done for respecting animals. Thanks again ! Don’t hesitate to trust them!

Silvie Leclaire Silvie Leclaire

Really great service, from start to finish. The explanations were clear, unsurprisingly. I recommend to all, the young man who came to our house really did a meticulous job. 👌👌

Marie-Lyne Bachant Marie-Lyne Bachant

There were mice in my house, now there are no more. My wife is happy !!

Michel Côté Michel Côté


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