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Pigeon intrusion in your home ?

Pigeons have entered your attic or are always on your roof? Don’t wait before contacting a pigeon exterminator on the South Shore of Montreal. Although pigeons may look cute, they are wild animals that can contain acidic particles in their droppings that can damage your home structure. Some large cities have implemented pigeon control measures. They are one of the few unprotected species.
These birds have an ability to find their way back very easily, despite the fact that they can be moved more than 50km from your home, they will return. This can be very annoying and they will damage your space and the materials surrounding your home. They will never leave of their own accord, as they like to live a routine life.
This is why you need to call an exterminator at the first appearance of pigeons around your home.

Pigeons : general information

Pigeon biology

  • Period of reproduction : End of January to end of September
  • Gestation time : About 17 to 18 days
  • Birth of the babies : The female will make on average 5 to 7 litters during the breeding period
  • Number of babies per litter : Usually 2 squabs
  • Weaning of the babies : It takes about 30 days for the babies to be feathered and ready to fly
  • Life expectancy of the pigeon : About 15 years in the wild and 30 years in a cage

How to get rid definitively of pigeons

  • Do not feed them to avoid that they make a habit of it
  • Do not leave water basins outside, note that these birds do not drink in pools
  • Make sure that your roofs are well closed
  • Take action at the first sign to avoid the creation of a colony in your home
  • Call an exterminator to perform a pigeon removal and an anti-pigeon treatment

Did you know ?

There are pigeon races! Indeed, some pigeons trained for racing can reach speeds of 88 km/h! A pigeon trained for racing has already been sold for the modest sum of 172 000 $ in england

Pigeon removal and relocation

Nova Extermination specializes in pigeon control on the South Shore of Montreal. We do all the specialized work to put an end to your pigeon problem. Although most birds are protected, pigeons are one of the few birds considered as pests because they are very invasive and can cause health problems.

Having a colony of pigeons in your home can be very harmful. Although the law allows us to kill these birds, our techniques for pigeon control avoid this drastic solution. Pigeons usually nest in your soffits or in your attic. However, it is important to understand that these were probably poorly closed.
Nova Extermination specializes in pigeon control treatments. To do this, we will capture the pigeons and remove them from your home. To prevent them from coming back to nest in your home, our company does all the necessary work to block the entry points they have access to.

Pigeons: know them better

Learning more about the raccoon will allow you to better understand its danger and the damage it can cause to your home. As a raccoon exterminator on the South Shore of Montreal, we know that it is best to capture raccoons and relocate them in the forest.
Here is some information on this very common mammal in our province:

Pigeon history:

Although pigeons are a nuisance in our large cities, they were in the past, essential to the proper functioning of a civilization. Pigeons quickly bred in ancient times and were used as letter carriers, but also for their meat. Soon, pigeon houses were installed to allow them to fly freely.

They usually lived at the edge of cliffs and in the forest but pigeons got closer to men for their ease in finding food; they are a very easy prey, but in urban areas, there are very few predators, so they felt safe near humans. Cities offer them cavities and a lot of choices for their nests, an easier way to raise their young, with all their needs nearby.

Since men exist, pigeons are related to the population where everything is easily accessible. The only way to get rid of them in big cities would be to never leave food around, they would then return to their wild state.

How does the pigeon feed? :

The pigeon is omnivorous! It can digest different types of food. Their diet is based on an opportunistic system, so they can eat almost anything no matter where they are.

However, their basic diet consists of a healthy and balanced diet. They are particularly fond of grains, such as oats, wheat, corn, barley, rice, sunflowers, etc.

Depending on their stage of growth, the pigeon’s diet differs. Therefore, a baby pigeon will feed exclusively on its mother’s milk for the first 3 to 4 months of its life. Pigeons need a lot of protein for the growth of their physical and cognitive abilities. Rump milk includes everything that babies need for optimal development.

However, the digestive system of pigeons is capable of digesting human food. Absolutely EVERYTHING! On the other hand, ingesting this food is toxic for them, as a last resort, they will have to eat what is in front of them, which can lead to a noticeable decrease in their life expectancy and also, a high risk of contracting and spreading diseases.

Dangers related to pigeons :

Pigeons can be carriers of many diseases, some of which can be transmitted to humans through the respiratory tract (caused by particles in the air), or, if there is direct contact with the animal, its droppings or its nest. Its droppings are also very damaging to materials.

The most common parasites carried by pigeons are salmonella, ticks, lice, fleas and bedbugs. Of course, pigeons living in urban areas can land on contaminated furniture and objects and spread them everywhere they rest.

A pigeon exterminator on the South Shore of Montreal must know their habits to better capture them and advise you to avoid their return.

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