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Decontamination services following an extermination of insects or rodents

As a pest decontamination company, we know that after an extermination, it is essential to perform a complete decontamination of your home, or business, to protect yourself against disease.

Because even if all the insects are dead, their droppings and germs remain on your surfaces. The same goes for mice and rats, which leave germs in their urine and feces that can transmit very dangerous diseases.

Decontamination, a primordial step and too often neglected by exterminators

To protect yourself against diseases transmitted to humans by insects and rodents, it is important to disinfect places infested by intruders such as rats, mice or other unwanted species that have infested your home or business.
Too often forgotten by exterminators, parasite decontamination is nevertheless crucial in any extermination process.

All species of wild animals, rodents and insects are potentially carriers of disease, viruses or parasites. Their droppings also pollute the air, which can cause serious health problems for the occupants of your home in a short time period.
Mice, rats and bats carry diseases like hantavirus, a condition that causes serious lung problems. Simply sweeping or vacuuming after the extermination is not enough to remove harmful particles from the air.

This is why it is essential that the premises be restored to their original condition, clean and free from all contaminants. Our decontamination company is the solution.

Odor problem?

Sometimes people call us for an odor problem. Indeed, the passage of a skunk or the smell of rotting due to an unresolved extermination problem can permeate a house for a long time. And that can turn out to be exceedingly unpleasant.

We have therefore created our own deodorization technique: we use specialized products and we install air exchanger systems. Our decontamination company doesn’t leave you with odor problems. We can solve all your problems following a rodent or skunk infestation.

Did you know?

If there have been animals in your home and the area has not been contaminated, any other animals may smell their former presence and return.

After extermination and caulking? Decontamination !

Once all the unwanted visitors have been exterminated from the house, and all the entryways have been caulked, it is time to clean up. Our exterminator technicians have the knowledge and tools necessary to carry out decontamination effectively and safely. We are able to decontaminate any room in your home, including those that are more difficult to access. We use specialized products, approved techniques, quality tools, all orchestrated by certified technicians!

Our company holds all the permits, licenses and insurance necessary for the professional extermination and decontamination of insects, mice and rats. Our parasite decontamination techniques comply with the regulations of the Ministry of the Environment.

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Contact Nova Extermination, a parasite decontamination company on the South Shore that will perform the decontamination of your home or business, if your previous provider has not done so.

The parasite decontamination service will always be offered by our exterminators after all our extermination and caulking work. Contact us to benefit from the services of a decontamination company on the South Shore of Montreal that offers you more.

Join us at 1-844-880-6682 for rapid pest decontamination services, or at 514-MON-NOVA to contact the emergency department or send us an email explaining your situation.

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Contact Nova Extermination now for more information on our decontamination services as well as our other pest infiltration prevention methods. Our team offers an insecticide spraying service in residential, commercial or institutional settings.

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