Squirrel capturing services

Capture, relocation, repair and decontamination of squirrel problems

Capturing squirrels

Are you looking for an extermination company on the South Shore that would be able to capture a squirrel or several squirrels quickly? Nova Extermination captures squirrels and relocates them far from your home, in the forest. We offer this service at a very affordable price in all the cities of the South Shore.

Our trained and certified team has many years of experience capturing squirrels on the South Shore. We have mastered the techniques to gently capture a squirrel and we have the necessary equipment to solve your problem quickly and sustainably.

We respect the appropriate regulations, since several laws protect animals and require their relocation rather than their extermination.

Squirrels- general information

Other types of extermination

Squirrel biology

  • 2 breeding periods per year: January-February & June July
  • Number of squirrels per litter: 1 to 6
  • Gestation time: 40 to 44 days
  • Baby weaning: 12 weeks
  • Squirrels breeding ready: 14 weeks
  • Squirrel life expectancy: 6 years

Recognizing squirrel problems

  • Scratches in walls or ceilings mainly at sunrise and sunset
  • Noises in the chimney or ventilation hatch
  • Insulating wool on your shingles
  • Broken ventilation hatch or soffit
  • Path in cellulose insulation


  • Capture them with cages or specialized capture tools
  • Find entry points and perform squirrel extraction work
  • Decontaminate to remove all traces of odors so as not to attract other squirrels and to ensure that no harmful spores contaminate the ambient air in your home

Did you know?

Squirrels, as a means of defense and survival, have the ability to lose part of their tail to escape a predator!
A squirrel can run up to 25 KM / H!

Problem with squirrels near your home or business?

Squirrels seek warmth in the fall and can infiltrate through the roofs, chimneys or ventilation dampers of your home or business, shed or garage. They will make a cozy nest in an inaccessible place and raise their babies there.

They will chip away at wood, punch holes in walls and ceilings, move insulation, and chip away at electrical wires to find their way, all of which can create a fire hazard.

Squirrels can carry diseases and parasites, and even the rabies virus. Their feces and urine can contaminate your home or business, and can be the source of health problems for your loved ones.
But how do you fix this problem? Two solutions are available to you:


You can try deterrent methods to prevent squirrels from roaming around and entering your home (protecting bird feeders; securing around chimneys, air vents and attic; laying wire mesh at the bottom of fences). But squirrels sneak everywhere …

If you’ve tried everything, don’t try to poison them. Besides being illegal you could kill the neighbor’s dog or cat! Contact our team to capture that squirrel or those squirrels that annoy you. Your problem will be resolved very quickly!


If one or more squirrels seem to have infiltrated your home, business, garage or shed, let our team capture them for you. Capturing a squirrel is easy and safe for us because we have the proper equipment and know the methods to apply.

Our great experience allows us to capture a squirrel in a gentle and safe way, using trap cages, nets or other effective methods. We will then relocate this rodent away from your home or business, with all its babies (if there are any), and it can live in freedom without inconvenience!

Squirrels - know them better

Learn more about squirrels to better enlighten you on the dangers they bring when they infiltrate your home. As a squirrel exterminator on the South Shore of Montreal, we can help you resolve the situation efficiently and above all, with respect for nature.

Here are some fitting facts about our squirrel friends.

Wildlife conservation

According to the provincial law on the conservation and development of wildlife: “A person cannot kill or capture an animal which damages its property if it is possible to simply prevent it from causing harm by doing so. depriving its burrow and its food sources ”.

In other words, it is forbidden to exterminate them!


In a love-hate relationship with squirrels, many Quebecers wonder why there are so many squirrels in their cities?

The answer is very simple, they have almost no predators, which leaves them free to reproduce in large numbers. Remember that squirrels have 2 litters per year with 1 to 6 babies.

Winter preparation

Those squirrels are far from stupid! In fact, to prepare for winter survival, squirrels hide food such as seeds and acorns during the summer season.

They sometimes forget the location of these because they hide thousands underground. This results in new tree shoots when spring comes!

A squirrel exterminator on the South Shore of Montreal will know how to recognize their lifestyle to deal with the situation effectively.

Nos réalisations

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If you want to have a squirrel captured on the South Shore, contact our team of specialized technicians. We will capture this squirrel (or these squirrels) quickly and relocate it at a safe distance, according to the laws in force.

Nova Extermination is a squirrel exterminator that holds all the permits, licenses and liability insurance necessary for the capture and relocation of squirrels. Our techniques comply with the regulations of the Ministry of the Environment.

Contact us with confidence at 1-844-880-6682 or at the emergency number 514-MON-NOVA for a squirrel capture and relocation in the forest. We cover all the cities of the South Shore.

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