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Do you need a Candiac exterminator to get rid of insects, rodents or wild animals? Nova Extermination will be able to locate and exterminate (or relocate) these pests that infiltrate your home. Our proven techniques allow the problem to be solved quickly and durably.

Exterminate or relocate

Different kinds of insects, rodents and small animals can nest in your home, while reproducing quickly. Mice, rats, ants and other insects are multiplying at a phenomenal rate. Mice and rats chew on electrical wires to find their way to your food, leaving their bowel movements behind (posing a health risk to those around you). This is why we offer extermination services in Candiac to resolve this problem in the long term. Here are the types of insects or animals that we can exterminate or relocate:

  • Raccoons: If you hear noise in the ceiling of your house, it could very well be a raccoon or even a family of raccoons! Our exterminators in Candiac will make sure to capture the raccoon family and relocate them to safety, far from your home.
  • Skunks: Skunks try to find food around houses and apartment buildings when summer arrives. Contact us if you have skunks circling your home. Rest assured, we will not exterminate them, but we will capture them using cages or other techniques that only our skunk exterminators know how to apply. We will then relocate them to the forest and your skunk problem will be solved.
  • Mice: Mice take over homes in the fall, but can stay all year round. We can locate mice and their nests with a smoke test or by using traps.
  • Ants: Unfortunately, no home is safe from ants in the spring and summer. Let our exterminators in Candiac solve your problem. Our expertise in carpenter ant extermination (and others) is recognized and highly appreciated. Our certified technicians take control of the situation before the infestation spreads.
  • Squirrels: something fell in your fireplace? It’s not impossible that a squirrel has infiltrated it! Oftentimes, with the onset of fall, squirrels will seek to enter your home to make their nests. Trust the exterminators in Candiac who are used to capturing and relocating these little beasts safely outside of town.
  • Rats: Rats are pests that infiltrate homes when the cold weather arrives. They can transmit diseases through their bowel movements. They will create passages for themselves by gnawing at electrical wires and everything that is in the path leading to your food. As they reproduce very quickly, rapid extermination is essential.

Additional services of decontamination and caulking of holes

After exterminating pests in your home, it is important to block the entry points by sealing the holes. Our exterminators in Candiac will be able to effectively perform the necessary sealing to prevent further intrusions. We are one of the few extermination companies offering caulking services in Candiac. Moreover, our extermination company also offers a complete decontamination service to ensure that at the end of our intervention, your home is once again healthy and safe.

Contact us for an extermination in Candiac

Contact the Nova Extermination team for fast extermination services in Candiac or in any of the South Shore cities. Our experienced technicians travel to all surrounding cities. Trust the experts! Our extermination company in Candiac holds all the permits, licenses and insurance required for professional extermination or the capture and relocation of wild animals. Our methods respect the regulations of the Ministry of the Environment, and we hold a license from the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ: 5734-75930-01) as well as from the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (to perform caulking work). We also have complete civil liability insurance. Contact us now!

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