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Are you looking for an exterminator in Longueuil to capture and relocate small wild animals that bother you? Or do you want to carry out an extermination of mice or rats that have infiltrated your house? The Nova Extermination team offers extermination services as well as rodent and small animal capture / relocation. The efficient techniques of our exterminators in Longueuil will solve your problem quickly and durably.

Exterminate or relocate?

Different types of insects, rodents and small wild animals (bats, groundhogs, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, rats, etc.) can infiltrate your home or business and create an infestation. Reproducing very quickly, mice and rats can also be dangerous as they gnaw on electrical wires inside your walls, which can cause a fire. They are also vectors of diseases (such as rabies and hantavirus), while the bowel movements they leave behind can pose health risks to your family.

As for insects (cockroaches, spiders, bedbugs, etc.), they can also cause you health and unhealthy problems. This is why our exterminators in Longueuil offer you infallible methods to solve this problem in the long term. Here are the types of insects or animals that our exterminators in Longueuil can exterminate or relocate:

  • Ants: Owners of private homes and businesses frequently experience ant infestations in the spring or summer. If ants have made their nests in your house or if an anthill is in your backyard, our exterminators in Longueuil will be able to locate the nest and exterminate the ants quickly. Our certified technicians will also be able to completely disinfect the premises and caulk the holes and cracks that allow them to enter.
  • Rodents (mice and rats): Mice and rats infiltrate homes and businesses when fall ends and the cold sets in. They can then settle there permanently and reproduce quickly. Our exterminators in Longueuil will be able to locate them by carrying out a smoke test or by capturing them with traps. Our specialists will perform a quick extermination, while giving you prevention advice, such as caulking holes and cracks through which mice and rats could enter.
  • Skunks: Skunks roam around homes and apartment buildings to find food in the trash cans when the hot weather arrives. If a skunk has taken up residence near your house, it will be possible for us to capture it and relocate it in the forest. Contact our team if you are bothered by skunks. Our exterminators in Longueuil will be able to use capture cages or other gentle techniques to catch the animal. Your problem will be solved without having made the skunk suffer.
  • Raccoons: Raccoons sometimes manage to enter homes through soffits. If raccoons continually roam around your house at night, our exterminators in Longueuil will be able to gently capture them (with capture cages or by other methods), even if they are housed in the back of your attic. . Our specialists will capture the entire family of raccoons and can relocate them safely in the forest, far from your location.

Inlet caulking: solving the problem finally

As exterminators in Longueuil with many years of experience in the extermination, capture and relocation of small animals, we offer turnkey services that address the causes of the infestation problem. To prevent insects, rodents or small wild animals from entering your home, we can caulk the holes in your walls, floors, ceilings, window sills, telephone wires, etc. A mouse can fit into a hole the size of a dime, and an ant can squeeze through a very small crack!

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Contact the Nova Extermination team for rapid extermination services in Longueuil or in one of the cities on the South Shore. Our exterminators in Longueuil are certified and our company holds all the necessary permits, licenses and insurance.

Our methods comply with the regulations of the Ministry of the Environment, and we hold a license from the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ: 5734-75930-01) as well as from the Committee on Standards, Equity, Health and work safety (to carry out caulking work). We also have comprehensive liability insurance. Contact Nova Extermination with confidence!

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