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Mouse and spider extermination in St-Lambert

Do you need an exterminator in Saint-Lambert to capture and relocate rodents or other small wild animals in the forest? Or would you like to have a permanent mouse extermination carried out? Nova Extermination offers you professional extermination and pest capture services that have infiltrated your home or business. Our effective methods and products ensure that the problem is resolved quickly and permanently.

Exterminate or relocate?

Mice, raccoons, squirrels and skunks can nest in your home or business in late fall in anticipation of winter. As they reproduce very quickly and steal your food, they leave behind their droppings, which can carry diseases. In addition, these pests can gnaw the electrical wires between your walls, which can put you at risk of fire.

Nova is an exterminator in St-Lambert that will allow you to solve your problem permanently.

  • Mice: Mice invade your homes and business before winter, but they may remain there for the rest of the year. Our exterminators in Saint-Lambert will be able to exterminate all mice with traps and baits specifically designed for this purpose. They will make sure you get rid of the problem permanently by then caulking the holes, slits and cracks that could allow other mice to enter your home or business.
  • Skunks: Skunks try to find food by going through the garbage cans of houses, residential buildings and shops when the weather is good. Your exterminator in Saint-Lambert will be able to capture the skunks using traps with bait and then relocate them to the forest, away from your location.
  • Raccoons: If you hear noises in the ceiling of your home or business, it is very likely that it is a family of raccoons that made its nest there. Our exterminators in Saint-Lambert will ensure that they capture the mother and the babies and then relocate them to their natural environment safely.
  • Squirrels: these rodents can be very disturbing when they are in large numbers. But since it is forbidden to exterminate squirrels, your exterminator in Saint-Lambert will be able to capture them and relocate them to the forest. To do this, we will use catch cages, nets and other gentle but effective methods. We will not separate families!

Decontamination and caulking

After the extermination of mice and the relocation of raccoons, skunks or squirrels, we will be able to carry out a complete decontamination of the surfaces that have been covered with their droppings. In addition, to prevent further mouse infestations or infiltration of raccoons or squirrels, we offer our customers the opportunity to caulk any holes, slits and cracks through which they may return.

We can also install screens around chimneys or other elements on the roof, replace ventilation valves, solidify soffits and do other work that will prevent pests from infiltrating your home or business again. . We have a license from the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ: 5734-75930-01) to carry out the caulking and other required preventive work. In addition, our team has comprehensive liability insurance.

Contact your exterminator in Saint-Lambert

Contact an exterminator in Saint-Lambert who offers turnkey extermination, decontamination and caulking services. Our company holds all the permits, licenses and insurance required for professional extermination or the capture and relocation of rodents or small wild animals. Our methods respect the procedures of the Ministry of the Environment. Contact our extermination company in Saint-Lambert with confidence! We also serve all cities on the South Shore.

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