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Extermination of mice and insects Saint-Amable

Are you looking for an exterminator in St-Amable to perform an insect or mouse extermination? Or you need to have small wild animals such as raccoons, skunks and squirrels captured and relocated in the forest? Nova Extermination’s team can help you!

To put an end to an infestation of mice or insects in a sustainable way, or to relocate small animals in their natural environment, it is essential to deal with a certified exterminator. As exterminators in St-Amable, we can offer you effective and long-lasting extermination and capture services. We work with safe methods and government approved products.

Our specialists can also suggest effective prevention methods to prevent a new infestation. Among these, a service of caulking of the entrances (holes and cracks) will be proposed to you. Our exterminators in St-Amable offer their services in residential, commercial and institutional environments (schools, hospitals, etc.).

Capture and relocation of small wild animals

Nova Extermination, your exterminator in St-Amable, is the professional to contact for the capture of raccoons, squirrels and skunks. Our capture techniques are safe and painless for the animal.

Because they can cause significant damage to your buildings (moving insulation, gnawing wood, feces, etc.), pests can also trash your garbage, eat your garden contents, or steal seeds that are intended for birds. But the worst danger they represent is the transmission of diseases and parasites to humans through their feces or bites. Don’t take any chances trying to capture them and relocate them. Nova Extermination, your exterminator in St-Amable, is moving fast to do this work.

Mouse extermination

If you hear noises in your ceilings and walls, or if you find very small droppings in your kitchen, it’s because mice have managed to get into your house to make their nests. And mice cause a lot of problems: they gnaw through electrical wires to make their way and put you at risk of fire, in addition to spreading diseases and parasites to humans (tapeworm, meningitis, hantavirus, etc.). These diseases or parasites are transmitted by bite or by the fleas that mice carry.

This is why you should not hesitate to contact an exterminator in St-Amable who will put an end to your mouse infestation problem. Our certified technicians will be able to locate and exterminate the mice, while decontaminating the surfaces on which the mice have roamed.


After carrying out the extermination of insects and rodents (rats or mice) that were in your house or business, our exterminators in St-Amable will offer you to caulk holes and cracks that could allow pests to enter again. They will also be able to offer you the opportunity to effectively plug the entrances through which skunks, raccoons and squirrels infiltrate the attics. To do this, our exterminators in St-Amable will be able to install fences on chimneys and other elements coming out of the roof, as well as repair soffits. Our company has a licence from the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ 5734-75930-01) to perform this work flawlessly. In addition, our employees are covered by liability insurance.

Contact nova extermination, your exterminator in st-amable

Make Nova Extermination your exterminator in St-Amable. Our efficient team will solve all your problems of infesting insects, mice or small pests. Our exterminator services in St-Amable are comprehensive and durable. They are offered in residential, commercial and institutional settings.

Our specialists serve the city of St-Amable as well as all the cities of the South Shore. Contact Nova Extermination by email or by phone at 1-844-880-6682 or 514-MON-NOVA.

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